Christmas Abbott's 2017 CrossFit Open Spotify Playlist

Welcome to our shiny new blog at EXO! 17.2 is done, which means there are only 3 open WOD’s left to go! Not sure about you guys, but 17.2 was bruuuuutal on the forearms, butt and quads. Heading into Week 3 of the 2017 CrossFit Open, we bring you another installment of our EXO athlete Spotify Playlist series. Our 1st playlist kicked off last week with some killer tunes from Noah Ohlsen, and whatever he sprinkled on there placed him in the #5 spot in the world leaderboard!

This week we continue our quest for the perfect tunes to suffer to.  Our playlist this week is brought to you by the one and only author, fitness enthusiast and all around badass Christmas Abbott.  If you've ever had the pleasure of meeting Christmas, you know she's FULL of positive energy. Her playlist reflects her personality and has something in it for everyone. Get ready for 17.3 and turn the volume up!

Stay tuned for playlists from Dan Bailey, Elijah 'EZ' Muhammad, Brooke Ence, Graham Holmberg, Sheila Barden and Lauren Brooks. 

Happy Fitnessing Friends!

You can find her playlist here:
or SPOTIFY spotify:user:exohq:playlist:3xAD9oDYiYfVBX0XnBo4NE

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