Noah Ohlsen's 2017 Open Playlist

WELCOME to the shiny new EXO blog! Every year when the Open rolls around I find myself on a quest for the perfect playlist.  I look for high intensity songs that pump me up, songs that keep me going and even music that can keep me calm. The last thing we want to do is fly out of the gates too fast (Ehem 17.1).  I try to choose songs that have the power to transform an intense, workout into a fun  sweaty session.  This year I turned to EXO athlete and 3X CrossFit Games competitor, Noah Ohlsen, to help me find those perfect tunes. His nack for finding up and coming great music fueled the idea to do an Exosleeve CrossFit Open Spotify playlist each week with our athletes. Stay tuned for playlists from Dan Bailey, Christmas Abbott, Elijah 'EZ' Muhammad, Brooke Ence, Graham Holmberg, Sheila Barden and Lauren Brooks. 

While we can't promise you more reps on 17.2 we can deliver tunes that will fire you and keep you going when the last thing you want to do is the final rep.  HFF! Happy Fitnessing Friends!

Here's the link just in case the player doesn't load:

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